Game. Set. Engage.   Critical reflection: Once deciding upon the subject of gamification for my video assignment, I began diving into scholarly sources to further my understanding of the topic, and also with hope to pinpoint a more specific direction for the video. Scholarly sources were accessed through Deakin University's library search function, guided by the weekly study... Continue Reading →

Muse for museums.

The digital age, a time where complex math can be solved through your phone’s assistant, chess can be played with opponents in different time zones and a plethora of information is quite literally at our fingertips. With unlimited possibilities, our attention is spread as thin as the mobile devices we’re glued to. The sheer amount... Continue Reading →

Moral panic.

Moral panic defined by the Oxford English dictionary is "an instance of public anxiety or alarm in response to a problem regarded as threatening the moral standards of society". So what exactly threatens moral standards of a society? Sex. Sex has always, will always and can always challenge societies. Sex icons through the ages (think... Continue Reading →

Gamify this. Gamify that.

I tried to think back to what I first thought the term 'gamification' or 'gamify' meant, I couldn't. Once you understand the concept it's simple, powerful and you realise how it is applied in various places throughout life. So, I asked the nearest thing to a layman I could find, my girlfriend. "Keatan, what does the... Continue Reading →

Media 2.Oh!

Have you ever been in a situation where you see a change happen to someone's personality right before your eyes? Depending on where they are or who they're with, their 'normal' shifts a little? Perhaps stemming from an evolutionary survival instinct, the subconscious desire to be liked by everyone can certainly shape us or alter... Continue Reading →

Woe woe woe your boat

Asking someone face to face to explain their concept of 'self' would see the vast majority lean toward certain character traits they have been told or believe they posses, as well as perhaps a humble adoption of a few relatively nondescript words like 'kind' or 'approachable', defining ones 'self' is much more complex than identifying likes and... Continue Reading →

Private parts.

The times of receiving news by carrier pigeon or telegram are long gone. Information is moving around the globe faster than ever before and with it an evolution of a (not so new) different and penetrative type of security issue. Online privacy is something which affects us all. From celebrities struggling with hackers and cloud storage to... Continue Reading →

No one likes to lose.

Competitiveness is something within us all, no one WANTS to lose, unless you've been challenged to a sand eating competition by a 4 year old - sure. But recently my nearly 10 year old World of Warcraft twitches have been stronger than ever, my competition streak (which, lead me to becoming one of the best... Continue Reading →

Excess for access.

For the last week, Twitter has been interesting. I've enjoyed the dynamic you can create out of almost nothing, with anyone! I am inspired to check it more than Facebook or Instagram. I see the pull, the appeal and the use. Yesterday my phone was run over. Cars are heavy. My phone is dead.  ... Continue Reading →

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