No one likes to lose.

Competitiveness is something within us all, no one WANTS to lose, unless you’ve been challenged to a sand eating competition by a 4 year old – sure. But recently my nearly 10 year old World of Warcraft twitches have been stronger than ever, my competition streak (which, lead me to becoming one of the best damn Night Elf Rogues in Europe!) has really come on strong. Let me tell you for why…

ALC 203 – Exploring Digital Media: Contexts Of Online Participation, so far is exactly what it says in the tin. Exploration and online participation. Originally scoffing at the idea of another unit using a hashtag to compile a body of work over the course of a trimester, this gets deeper into things than that. Way deeper.

The concept of ‘gamification’ is not new to me, but the noun is. Making something, any task or duty into the form of a game is something everyone is familiar with, but these things being graded and part of assessment – that’s another story. I love reaching micro-goals, 10,000 steps a day is a great example but I almost never care if I don’t ‘win’. Comparing mild timepiece disappointment to public leader boards of assessed online participation and interaction is quite vast.

The next 10 weeks of of (re)learning the importance of online presence and digital media will be useful, challenging and powerful. I hope to be able to look back at this blog post and grin.

Let’s see what happens!




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  1. Good stuff on the blogging here Keith – I seem to have missed this (not sure if you shared it with the unit hashtag?). Good to see you working out things with embedding tweets and the fact you’re embracing the gamification – and more importantly, the media-making – of the unit! I had a quick look at some earlier posts and encourage you to think about and apply Astrid’s portfolio-related advice re. being as professional as possible with images/crediting. I see you made one yourself – terrific (though sorry about the phone 😦 Keep up the great work!

    1. I really appreciate the feedback, Mr Brown! The media-making professionalism comment is especially potent – I made those initial blog posts before watching your interview (and also before reading Astrid’s document) with our own copyright guru, I like many other students really took for granted the importance of self made and ‘legal’ media usage. Thank you!

  2. PS – As you’ll soon discover, the ‘competitive’ aspect will soon be drowned out by the ‘collaborative’ essence of what we’re doing… an issue worth coming back to in Week 6!

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