Woe woe woe your boat

Asking someone face to face to explain their concept of 'self' would see the vast majority lean toward certain character traits they have been told or believe they posses, as well as perhaps a humble adoption of a few relatively nondescript words like 'kind' or 'approachable', defining ones 'self' is much more complex than identifying likes and... Continue Reading →


Private parts.

The times of receiving news by carrier pigeon or telegram are long gone. Information is moving around the globe faster than ever before and with it an evolution of a (not so new) different and penetrative type of security issue. Online privacy is something which affects us all. From celebrities struggling with hackers and cloud storage to... Continue Reading →

No one likes to lose.

Competitiveness is something within us all, no one WANTS to lose, unless you've been challenged to a sand eating competition by a 4 year old - sure. But recently my nearly 10 year old World of Warcraft twitches have been stronger than ever, my competition streak (which, lead me to becoming one of the best... Continue Reading →

Excess for access.

For the last week, Twitter has been interesting. I've enjoyed the dynamic you can create out of almost nothing, with anyone! I am inspired to check it more than Facebook or Instagram. I see the pull, the appeal and the use. Yesterday my phone was run over. Cars are heavy. My phone is dead.  ... Continue Reading →

Labour day.

The majority of my blood is Australian and I am in no way complaining but GOODNESS me do the Aussies love a public holiday. Labour day, or: '8 hours work day' seems to be an elusive concept to me, as I sit preparing for my first lecture of the day. Public holidays (or Bank holidays... Continue Reading →

Verb. Study – not the room.

The serendipity of Good Will Hunting playing whilst reflecting on my first week back at Deakin University is superbly rich. Excuse my frail synopsis but a film about someone bright who never applied themselves speaks volumes to me. After withdrawing from higher education as a younger man I had the opportunity to gather some worldly experience in... Continue Reading →

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